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[Insert witty title here] April 1, 2009

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“Today, I was hooking up with my girlfriend when her dad knocked on the clear door that leads to the room. About 5 minutes later both of her parents came in to give us the “talk” which included the first time her parents had sex. In detail. FML” Courtesy of Fmylife.

I failed at April Fools Day though unlike other years, I actually attempted something! To save you the pain of hearing about what I did here’s a few that are decidedly more Epic then my fail one: Courtesy of

Forgive me if this ends up less then fantastical but first posts always suck, it’s the law of blogging. However be an optimist and continue reading – it may have health benefits =P

Strangely enough my mood has improved ten fold in the past three days, my boredom’s lifted and I’m not sure why – though I’m not going to spend too much time thinking about it and just enjoy it instead. It did however start when I first felt baby kick – so perhaps that’s it 🙂

If you still suffer from the dreaded boredom – here’s a few things to take up your valuable time!

1. Right? Don’t be a blogger, be a glogger! In other words make posters ^_^, quite a bit of freedom, ability to save – pictures say a thousand words so save yourself the blogging time and glog =P

In my best Blue Peter Presenter accent – “And here’s one I made earlier…”

2. Grab inner enlightenment and become a ‘Feng Shui’ master: Pretty interesting if you’re into your weird theories, horoscopes, wicca, the mysticism that is algebra. Call me a weirdo – please, do 🙂 – but I honestly think it works, even if it’s just training your mind to expect more good luck by moving your furniture around!

3.Watch this video: It’s a ‘weird-looking dust storm in Australia’ – hey, I find it interesting, but then in typical English fashion – I love talking about the weather ❤

4. Make a fabulous rainbow cake: Talks for itself and is probably the greatest thing on this planet 🙂


5. Join Join, pick a cause, pick a sponsor – post the ‘badge’ on your social websites of choice and earn points which then become real money for your chosen charity. Hey – who doesn’t want to make the world a better place? Secretly you know you do. While you’re at it, sign Hayden’s petition to save the whales, if only to shut her up – it’s a good cause 🙂


6. Get some inspiration and get creative, draw, write, imagine, day dream, compose – Flicker’s ‘Interestness’ pages are zenpirational 🙂

7. Finally – my favourite video this month 🙂 Always puts a smile on my face.

I suggest going to his site: for more information!

Ok so, yes, it was a bit of a cop out posting links however I was trying to break the ‘sucky first post’ routine I so often employ. Hope you enjoyed the show =P

Beam me up Scotty. x

P.S If your health didn’t improve by reading this post, perhaps you should bookmark this blog – the next post may have health benefits.


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