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Kiss Larping. April 10, 2009

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“Today my partner went out and I had to stay in contact via e-mail – 30 mins after he left, my computer broke. I tried his laptop but the password had changed and when I got onto a friends computer I realised I’d forgotten the password to my e-mail account anyway…fmylife” Courtesy of me.

heh-sorryWhen I named my last post ‘Taking a break’ I didn’t think I’d mean it literally! Alas on Monday night my partner went out with some friends and left me in charge of the electronics – you will now need no further proof that men are stupid =P About half an hour after he’d left my computer would not load. It would turn on, but never actually get to the signing on screen. Which was a bit of a problem since I was suppose to be staying in contact with Mr via e-mail whilst he was out… So went to try his laptop only to be reminded that the password had been changed and whilst I was given the new password, that was sitting comfortably on a notepad doc on my computer…

It took two days to fix because it hadn’t caught one nasty virus, it had about a hundred small ones all hiding in the torrents I was downloading. Fun!

Anyho it is all fixed now, but I’ve lost everything – all my pictures, all my docs, everything I was collecting for the new blog layout, all my bookmarks of incrediably cool things I was going to share with you guys. I’m not terribly bothered since if anything had been really important then I assume I would have backed it up 🙂 Plus I did have the choice to try and have things saved but an empty documents folder is like a blank piece of paper to me ^_^ A chance to start again and since I was having a pretty terrible night emotional wise (not to do with the computer thing) it seemed like a nice little metaphor for me to get out of my duldrums and start again myself.

I wrote down everything that was bothering me and came up with a plan for each to sort it out however the really amazing bit is that I actually started on the list. Picked up a book about economics and started learning about something I don’t understand and have never done before – money.

I may write up my list, I may not – trying to think of ways I can do it so it will also be beneficial for you to read about…

In other news I think I’ve found my favourite clip ever 🙂 Watching ‘Role Models’ the other night and loved it despite thinking I was going to hate it. ^_^ I’ve not been able to find a vid of the clip itself but here’s the section it’s in (5:53 to 6:06 mins)- oh I guess, don’t watch if you don’t want spoliers -it’s pretty near the end. But two words: Kiss and Larping.

I may write again today *gasps* but that’s because this was just the excu…ahem I mean reason behind my untimely 5 day disapearance 🙂

Arrivederci x

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