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Private Post April 16, 2009

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I just wrote and published a post called ‘Little Miss Positivity’ only to make it privately viewable. It’s about the last year of my life and covers alot of misery – being homeless, going without food, being disowned by my family, being harassed by a drug dealer, losing my job, having a miscarriage – and I just felt that for now – it was too personal to make it publicly viewable. Not only that but although it ended with a positive message, it was kind of depressing. I wrote it because a friend brought up a few subjects and it got me thinking about what we really know about people’s lives. Listening to me, talking to me and knowing me – you would have no idea of the hardships I’ve been through – and my positive attitude would more then likely annoy anyone who felt like ‘noone understood them’. The point of my post was to show that you can never know what someone is or has been through and therefore it seems silly to be upset that everyone else seems to have an easier life then you or be upset because they don’t seem to understand you. I only know this because I used to be guilty of it myself. Here’s the last paragraph:

“What I’m trying to say is – Be Happy – if you’re not, figure out why and go for it – there’s too much sorrow in life to make your own. It’s too easy to be happy for you not to be. Sadness is what takes effort – that’s why it drains you. Be happy you even have family, or you have food, or the sun is shining, or it’s Thursday. Be Happy that you can see, have assess to the internet, can walk – be happy that if you’re upset the natural rule of life is change and so it will.”

singing-happyIf you are actually interested in reading it – feel free to contact me and I’ll e-mail it 🙂 But for now, I don’t really like talking about myself or my misfortunes – I mean who wants to hear about mine when they are going through their own?  and anyway I’d like to keep this blog upbeat and interesting 😛

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