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Formula is still cheaper than a Boob Job April 21, 2009

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I’ve been learning about Breast-feeding and Bottle-feeding today, mainly because I’m being a woman and worrying about silly things like financing and being prepared etc – 18Thought I’d sum this up for you as well in case it’s useful as loads of different sites give different answers and different options.From the information I made 5 caterogies: Baby’s Health, Mum’s Health, Dad’s relationship, Ease and Cost. I’ve put the Results and Conclusion first, not sure why – I just thought it looked neater and then at the bottom are the findings and our decision.

The Results

Baby’s Health: Breastfeeding

Mum’s Health: 50/50
You can bond with your child, get your figure back and get protected against cancer but you will be exhausted, it may hurt and your boobs will sag which will hurt your self-image and confidence.

Dad’s relationship: Bottle-Feed

Ease: 40/60 Bottle-Feed
Whilst breast-feeding you don’t have to make up bottles and you don’t put your child at danger if you mix the wrong quantity of water and forumla or by passing on disease if the bottle nipple isn’t sterilised properly. However Bottle feeding means it can be done anywhere at any time without problem and importantly the responsiblity can be shared by the mother, father or care-givers etc, bottle-fed babies are known to sleep longer and feel full longer. As an extra bonus you know how much your child is drinking.

Cost: Breastfeeding
Breasting is free whilst Forumla costs £12 a week (£50 a month) not including all the bottles, sterilising things etc.


In conclusion Bottle Feeding is pro Dad, pro Ease and pro Mum’s health and Breast-feeding is pro Baby’s Health, Pro Mum’s health and Pro Cost.



All Pro Breast-feeding facts are in Blue (Dark Blue =Pro-Breast-Feeding and Light Blue = Anti Bottle-Feeding) and All Pro Bottle-Feeding stuff is in Purple (Dark Purple = Anti Breast-Feeding and Light Purple = Pro Bottle-feeding).


  • Breastfeeding gives everything the baby needs, including things not in the forumla.
  • It strengthens her immune system and protects her against infection, diseases and obesity.
  • Your milk is always on tap, at the right temperature, and its composition alters to suit your baby’s changing needs.
  • Babies taking formula have more problems with gas and constipation and have firmer bowel movements
  • Antibodies are not found in formula making the baby more susceptible to illness.


  • It helps you bond with your baby.
  • It helps you get your figure back: as your baby suckles, you’ll feel your womb contracting.
  • Mums who breastfeed are less likely to develop ovarian and breast cancer and osteoporosis.
  • It can be exhausting.
  • It may hurt. Some women find it takes months before they feel completely comfortable when their baby latches on.
  • Your boobs will get bigger (if you were already a 36E, you might not regard this as a plus).


  • Some dads feel ostracised by the bond between breastfeeding mother and baby, and this can be detrimental to your relationship.
  • Leaky (and/or sore) boobs, plus libido-dampening breastfeeding hormones, may scupper your sex life.
  • Anyone can feed the baby with the bottle at any time. This may also give your partner chance to be more involved in the feeding process.


  • You don’t have to make up (or sterilise) bottles.
  • The formula available in the market needs to be mixed with the proper quantity of water each time and bottles and nipples need to be sterilised. There are ready-to-feed formulas available, but they tend to be expensive.
  • If the bottles or nipples are not properly cleaned there is a risk of transmitting bacterial infections. Formula left in the bottle for more than one hour must be thrown out.
  • Breastfeeding is a one-woman job: you can’t delegate, so those 4am feeds are down to you. It takes as long to express milk (so someone else can feed it to your baby from a bottle) as it does to feed your baby.
  • Breastfed babies may not learn to sleep through the night as early as those who are bottlefed.
  • Formula usually takes longer to digest than breast milk, so the time gap between feeding is longer and babies need to eat less often.
  • The mother can go about her daily chores, or to work without frequent feeding intervals or pumping. She can also leave the child under the care of her partner, or other caretaker. In public, bottle-feeding is much more convenient.
  • With bottle-feeding, you know how much milk your baby is drinking.


  • Breastfeeding is free.
  • Formula is a constant expense while mother’s milk is free.

The Decision

So after a talk with the Mr, we’ve gone with?

Bottle Feeding

Why? Because Forumla may be expensive but it’s still cheaper then a Boob Job.

The only real main advantage I can see to Breast-feeding is that it builds a natural immunity fast which can be done with good diet and nutrients anyway, plus I have no idea what kind of dirt is in my milk (disease wise) – so I don’t want to risk the possiblity of giving him something. Other then that we decided that a run and an apple will combat obesity much more effectively then breast-feeding. Just maybe.

The main reason though is to keep the family together. Bottle-feeding is something that can be shared and seems much more convinent so long as you make sure everything is clean. Mr loves me very much but I would not blame him after having to deal with a crazy bitch for 9 months to get a little strained when the mood swings, low libido and exhaustion continues for an extra year – quite frankly we rather our kid still have two parents at the end of it all rather then ‘milk on tap’.

The whole ‘gets your figure back’ thing is nice but can be just as easily done with yoga and if I bottle feed I won’t be too tired to exercise either! My boobs won’t get bigger and sag (they’re already 34F), so my self-image and confidence won’t take a major hit – hence ‘forumla might be expensive, but it’s still cheaper then a Boob Job’.

A happy confident mum makes a happy and content husband and child =P