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10 Visually Stunning Movies April 18, 2009

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I have to credit this entirely to ‘The 10 Most Visually Stunning Movies of the Last Ten Years’ but I was so taken with the idea – I like movies, adore them – addicted to them, but I love film trailers more – I’ve always been inspired by them and in fact would prefer to sit and watch 2 hours of trailers then a film. Alas inject a little fantasy into your day and watch the trailers of the rundown of what are, some very beautiful pieces of work.



Speed Racer


The Fall


Sin City


The Matrix Reloaded


What Dreams May Come








The Fountain

There you have it – an interesting mix and hopefully a successful (note my mood) filler post due to strep throat making me a little worse for wear – Anyho have a nice day, or tomorrow – ah hell, have a nice week. 1


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50 Ways to Brighten a Day April 17, 2009

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Strange Day – I woke up at 4am and couldn’t sleep for a few hours, luckily that’s the same time it gets light at the moment. I spent the morning rather cheerful and then a strange mood fell over me, it wasn’t boredom and I wasn’t upset or sad – I just couldn’t see the point of anything I was doing. I didn’t like it and don’t know what caused it – perhaps the fact that I’m coming down with Strep Throat again – which is the second time in three weeks (not good – the doctor will probably tell me I have to have my tonsils out, plus the infection is rather risky for the baby 28). I can’t do anything about it though til my appointment on Thursday and I’m not one to stay in a bad mood – not when it’s much more fun to be happy 40

to-teh-rescueI was inspired for this post by 75 Simple Pleasures to brighten your day written by Leo from Zen Habits which is as you should know – one my my favourite blogs and if you haven’t visited him yet I suggest you do! I couldn’t manage 75 – but I did manage 50 ways in which my day gets brighter, it really cheered me up and I’d suggest giving it a go if you ever feel listless. So without much futher ado here is my ’50 Ways to Brighten a Day’:

kitty3 Waking up to Sunshine

2. The  ‘Morning Hug, Morning Kiss’ routine me and my husband do

3. A Cup of Coffee

4. Walking Barefoot – anywhere (Zen Habits specifys in grass, but the beach – to Tescos, in the garden, around home, whilst driving all do it for me)

kitty3 The zingy taste of Grapefruit for Breakfast

6. Learning something new and interesting: Try this -Wikipedia’s Random Function

7. My cats when they chirp

8. Dusk (which happens to be my favourite time of day)

9. Any time it rains, walking in the rain, getting wet

kitty3 Singing as loud as I can

11. Dancing around the room

12. Eating red and blue cola bottles. thumb_pink_blue_bottles

13. Hugs from anyone


14. Seeing my belly grow

kitty3 Having a philosophical conversation especially on Descartes Mediation 3

16. Drinking Cream Soda

17. Watching a great film – My favourite:

”    Nana, Live Action. A Little Princess (1996), Amelia, Anna and the King (1999), Cruel Intentions, Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, Groundhog Day, Hairspray, Howl’s Moving Castle, Lost in Translation, Memoirs of a Geisha, Moulin Rouge, Mulan, Only Yesterday, Practical Magic (1999), Prime, P.S.I Love You, Tank Girl, The Craft, The Terminal, Treasure Planet”

18. Cleaning my room/being in a clean room

19. Not being Ill

kitty3 Taking a long shower

21. Making someone smile

22. Looking at the Stars

23. Going swimming

24. Listening to someone mowing their lawn (it reminds me of Summer)

kitty3 Getting a massage

26. Talking about the future

27. Watching a funny video

28. Blowing bubbles

29. Spending time on a trampoline

kitty3 Making a list and completing it

31. Writing a good blog entry

32. Getting to a new level in Pet Society

33. Fresh Air

34. Sex

kitty3 Making a new friend

36. Watching the F1

It’s the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend! The Qualifier starts at 6am here and it’s going to be exciting – this is the first week since the FIA decided the ‘diffusers’  which have been making Brawns unstoppable are legal and so it’s time for Hamilton to prove that Button is only winning because of his car 🙂 Read more I can’t wait.

37. Giving to Charity/Buying a Big Issue

38. Listening to my ‘Happy Playlist’

39. Having Fresh Flowers in the room

kitty3 Finding a new picture on deviantART that I love 🙂

41. Eating Oreos and Drinking Milk

42. Hearing Him say ‘I Love You’

43. Seeing a Rainbow

44. Reading a Fairytale

kitty3 Taking some time out to daydream

46. An update on Ding!, Least I could do, Headtrip or Dominic Deegan.


47. Reading Blog updates from my favourites list and making a great find – i.e. Anna the Red’s Domo-kun marshmallow entry.


48. Finding a new site for my bookmarks – i.e. Obento! on Flickr

49. Browsing and finding something gorgeous ❤


kitty3 Falling Asleep


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You want Pizzzzaaaaaa… April 12, 2009

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“Today, I went on a date with a guy for the first time. We went to Starbucks and got coffee. We talked for awhile, and we weere joking and having a good time. Suddenly, he put his hand on my stomach and said, “soon, this will be plump with my seed.” FML” Courtesy of Fmylife.

I saw this pocky advert on terrestrial last night, if I’m correct this is the first time it’s been advertised and sold by a large supermarket 🙂 Apparently you can get it from Tescos!

So I was going to learn about Feng Shui, put it into practise and then write about how you could do it yourself – alas that sounds like a plan and we all know God laughs at the plans humans make 🙂 First I had a problem when I learnt that there are three ‘Norths’ –

1) Magnetic North which moves around and was last known to be in North Canada (as off 2005) – not to be confused with where your compass points to as these point to your Geomagnetic North which relies on your local geomagnetic field.

2) True North which also moves and is about 1000 miles away from the third ‘North’.

3) The North Pole, what I thought was the only North ¬¬.

Apparently you can chose which Feng Shui to do, by going with True North or Magnetic North depending on your beliefs…complicated right?

i-give-upSo I thought I’d take a peek at the atypical Shui, moving your furniture, placing windchimes and mirrors to let Qi flow around your house – turns out my bedroom is going to kill me. I cannot move the bed to any place that doesn’t bring in bad luck and at the moment my head on the bed is directly above the stove downstairs in the kitchen. There’s a TV and a computer in here that can’t go anywhere else, the clutter in the cupboard is at such a stage that if I open it I will be sent to hospital and there is a broken cycling machine in here that again can’t get rid of… so this ‘Feng Shui’ thing may have to take a bit of a back bench til I move or at least work out if I’m going by Magnetic North or True North! Of course now I realise that it was a bit ignorant or arrogant of me to think I could learn in one day what has been developing for 7000 years. Feng Shui is like being Christian, so many paths, all do the same thing but you’re scared that you have no idea which way actually works…

Finally I’m going to advertise ‘Dominoes‘ because I ordered from them last night and it was amazing, they called up after we ordered to check and said it would be 30 mins – actually they were here in 15 and it was the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. £20 got us one large half and half (which we only managed to eat half of), 3 bottles of drink, a small garlic bread for starters and 4 chocolate brownies with dips – so yeah – you want Pizza and you want to order ‘Dominoes’ 😛 I’m doing my bit to keep it in business!

Happy Easter xx

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Kiss Larping. April 10, 2009

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“Today my partner went out and I had to stay in contact via e-mail – 30 mins after he left, my computer broke. I tried his laptop but the password had changed and when I got onto a friends computer I realised I’d forgotten the password to my e-mail account anyway…fmylife” Courtesy of me.

heh-sorryWhen I named my last post ‘Taking a break’ I didn’t think I’d mean it literally! Alas on Monday night my partner went out with some friends and left me in charge of the electronics – you will now need no further proof that men are stupid =P About half an hour after he’d left my computer would not load. It would turn on, but never actually get to the signing on screen. Which was a bit of a problem since I was suppose to be staying in contact with Mr via e-mail whilst he was out… So went to try his laptop only to be reminded that the password had been changed and whilst I was given the new password, that was sitting comfortably on a notepad doc on my computer…

It took two days to fix because it hadn’t caught one nasty virus, it had about a hundred small ones all hiding in the torrents I was downloading. Fun!

Anyho it is all fixed now, but I’ve lost everything – all my pictures, all my docs, everything I was collecting for the new blog layout, all my bookmarks of incrediably cool things I was going to share with you guys. I’m not terribly bothered since if anything had been really important then I assume I would have backed it up 🙂 Plus I did have the choice to try and have things saved but an empty documents folder is like a blank piece of paper to me ^_^ A chance to start again and since I was having a pretty terrible night emotional wise (not to do with the computer thing) it seemed like a nice little metaphor for me to get out of my duldrums and start again myself.

I wrote down everything that was bothering me and came up with a plan for each to sort it out however the really amazing bit is that I actually started on the list. Picked up a book about economics and started learning about something I don’t understand and have never done before – money.

I may write up my list, I may not – trying to think of ways I can do it so it will also be beneficial for you to read about…

In other news I think I’ve found my favourite clip ever 🙂 Watching ‘Role Models’ the other night and loved it despite thinking I was going to hate it. ^_^ I’ve not been able to find a vid of the clip itself but here’s the section it’s in (5:53 to 6:06 mins)- oh I guess, don’t watch if you don’t want spoliers -it’s pretty near the end. But two words: Kiss and Larping.

I may write again today *gasps* but that’s because this was just the excu…ahem I mean reason behind my untimely 5 day disapearance 🙂

Arrivederci x

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