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You need a Kick in the Head: Part 1 April 20, 2009

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Interesting day yesterday in which Sod’s Law once again proved that being Bored is much better then something worse happening. I admit I’ve been listless lately – I’ve been limited by my decisions and although it will change later in Summer, for now I am forced to relax which doesn’t always sit well with me. For now I’ll just say that if you are bored with life – and can’t change that right now – be happy that you’re bored and that you haven’t been robbed or arrested for assault. Yep – interesting day!

On a different note I found a great Comic today which I’ve been making my way through – It’s called ‘Kick in the Head’ and is drawn by Derek Lieu and as of tomorrow has hit his 2000th comic strip! 1 Which I’m obviously grateful for as ‘Kick in the Head’ has been cheering me up all day. Personally I’d say go read it all, but if you haven’t got my kinda time – at least take a look – here’s some of the things that have been brought up in the strips that I felt eager to comment on:

kitty Now I’ve never heard of this film before – which is quite sad if the trailer is anything to go by, got quite a few chuckles from me:

kitty Why do we eat cereal with milk? Personally I eat it without milk – but I’d never go so far as to think of adding saying fruit juice or coke instead of milk – weird. Apparently “when cereals were first invented, water was used. To add protein milk was substituted. Since Kellogg started the cereal revolution with their health camp in Battle Creek, it’d be a good guess that’s where it started.” and as for the thought of adding orange juice:

For those that are Lactose intolerent this was quite common til medication was developed to assist in that problem. A good friend of my families has been doing this for like 30 yrs or so since he found out he was intolerent to dairy products. He says he prefers it this way now over using Soy milk and on some cereals its actually pretty good like Granola I think its better then milk but thats just my opinion.

I might try it one day but I usually gussle orange juice so fast it doesn’t last til breakfast – that and I’d have to start eating breakfast.

kitty The joys of being a Final Fantasy Fan: Which is really weird because the same thing basically happened to me 🙂 I love finding things to look forward to and FF never fails to impress – right now it’s the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII which comes at the end of the year. 11

kitty3 2003-10-25

Exactly what life is like at the moment – though I’ve learnt its up to you to make it a good day despite your circumstances.

Obviously I couldn’t comment on everything and quite honestly if I did, it probably wouldn’t be as funny when you went to read it yourself *hint hint*. It is interesting, amusing and quite alot of the time true =P, in the authors’ own words:

The thing most important about my comic to me is that it keeps me creative if for only fifteen minutes a day. I treat is as a way to both keep an archive of things I find amusing and to hopefully entertain people at the same time.

So why is this titled ‘Part One’? Because the things I’ve mentioned are only from the 2003 strips – I know! I have 6 more years to catch up on. As you may have noticed his blog: Derek’s Nerdblog has been added to my favourites – along side the reason I found it – his partner ‘Anna the Red’s Bento Blog. Slightly jealous of this couple’s creativity 40 Alas glad they’re updating us on the web!