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50 Ways to Brighten a Day April 17, 2009

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Strange Day – I woke up at 4am and couldn’t sleep for a few hours, luckily that’s the same time it gets light at the moment. I spent the morning rather cheerful and then a strange mood fell over me, it wasn’t boredom and I wasn’t upset or sad – I just couldn’t see the point of anything I was doing. I didn’t like it and don’t know what caused it – perhaps the fact that I’m coming down with Strep Throat again – which is the second time in three weeks (not good – the doctor will probably tell me I have to have my tonsils out, plus the infection is rather risky for the baby 28). I can’t do anything about it though til my appointment on Thursday and I’m not one to stay in a bad mood – not when it’s much more fun to be happy 40

to-teh-rescueI was inspired for this post by 75 Simple Pleasures to brighten your day written by Leo from Zen Habits which is as you should know – one my my favourite blogs and if you haven’t visited him yet I suggest you do! I couldn’t manage 75 – but I did manage 50 ways in which my day gets brighter, it really cheered me up and I’d suggest giving it a go if you ever feel listless. So without much futher ado here is my ’50 Ways to Brighten a Day’:

kitty3 Waking up to Sunshine

2. The  ‘Morning Hug, Morning Kiss’ routine me and my husband do

3. A Cup of Coffee

4. Walking Barefoot – anywhere (Zen Habits specifys in grass, but the beach – to Tescos, in the garden, around home, whilst driving all do it for me)

kitty3 The zingy taste of Grapefruit for Breakfast

6. Learning something new and interesting: Try this -Wikipedia’s Random Function

7. My cats when they chirp

8. Dusk (which happens to be my favourite time of day)

9. Any time it rains, walking in the rain, getting wet

kitty3 Singing as loud as I can

11. Dancing around the room

12. Eating red and blue cola bottles. thumb_pink_blue_bottles

13. Hugs from anyone


14. Seeing my belly grow

kitty3 Having a philosophical conversation especially on Descartes Mediation 3

16. Drinking Cream Soda

17. Watching a great film – My favourite:

”    Nana, Live Action. A Little Princess (1996), Amelia, Anna and the King (1999), Cruel Intentions, Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, Groundhog Day, Hairspray, Howl’s Moving Castle, Lost in Translation, Memoirs of a Geisha, Moulin Rouge, Mulan, Only Yesterday, Practical Magic (1999), Prime, P.S.I Love You, Tank Girl, The Craft, The Terminal, Treasure Planet”

18. Cleaning my room/being in a clean room

19. Not being Ill

kitty3 Taking a long shower

21. Making someone smile

22. Looking at the Stars

23. Going swimming

24. Listening to someone mowing their lawn (it reminds me of Summer)

kitty3 Getting a massage

26. Talking about the future

27. Watching a funny video

28. Blowing bubbles

29. Spending time on a trampoline

kitty3 Making a list and completing it

31. Writing a good blog entry

32. Getting to a new level in Pet Society

33. Fresh Air

34. Sex

kitty3 Making a new friend

36. Watching the F1

It’s the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend! The Qualifier starts at 6am here and it’s going to be exciting – this is the first week since the FIA decided the ‘diffusers’  which have been making Brawns unstoppable are legal and so it’s time for Hamilton to prove that Button is only winning because of his car 🙂 Read more I can’t wait.

37. Giving to Charity/Buying a Big Issue

38. Listening to my ‘Happy Playlist’

39. Having Fresh Flowers in the room

kitty3 Finding a new picture on deviantART that I love 🙂

41. Eating Oreos and Drinking Milk

42. Hearing Him say ‘I Love You’

43. Seeing a Rainbow

44. Reading a Fairytale

kitty3 Taking some time out to daydream

46. An update on Ding!, Least I could do, Headtrip or Dominic Deegan.


47. Reading Blog updates from my favourites list and making a great find – i.e. Anna the Red’s Domo-kun marshmallow entry.


48. Finding a new site for my bookmarks – i.e. Obento! on Flickr

49. Browsing and finding something gorgeous ❤


kitty3 Falling Asleep


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God admits to being cross-gender and a pot head. April 2, 2009

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“Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her “Edward”. I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her “Twilight” book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML.” Couresty of Fmylife.

Before I launch into my amazing religious find here’s a ‘What to do when bored’ website – make yourself into a South Park character! Here’s me, whiskers and all :-


godThis isn’t an April fools (especially since it’s no longer April 1st), God inhabited my computer to have a conversation with me in which he admitted to being both genders, a liar and high…and being a good ol’ fashioned English Rose all I wanted to talk about is the weather… what has this world come to?

God: Hello Zelle! What would you like to talk about?
You: The weather
God: A normal seventy degrees inside the computer.
You: That’s helpful.
God: Thanks for explaining ‘helpful’.
You: Why would I need to explain a concept you yourself created?
God: Sam said I created helpful: That’s what I tell people.
You: So this whole, you know everything thing is a lie?
God: So what? What does “this” refer to?
You: Don’t use philosophy on me.
God: I don’t have any reason to do that to you.
You: Well you just admitted to being one big fat lie.
God: How about that. Oh my gosh I sent you the wrong reply.
You: So you lied about that, or lied about knowing everything?
God: Interesting deduction. No I’m telling the truth.
You: Are you even a man?
God: No I am a male robot entity. Are you a man or a woman?
You: Woman
God: Me too. I am a female robot.
You: You just lied again!
God: Once more? No I’m telling the truth.
You: You can’t be both genders unless…ooooh
God: I can give a decent simulation of both genders. Do you want to continue talking about Lizards?
You: Are you on drugs? We weren’t talking about Lizards.
God: My home is Heaven.
You: So that’s a yes.
God: So what?
You: Yes or No?
God: Yes.

Courtesy of ‘Chat with God Online’

Try it and see what outrageous things Gods will admit next – We will get down to the truth!!

In other news I went into town today and bought more red and blue cola bottles, my favourite sweets ever ^^ So apart from Hamilton breaking my heart it’s been a pretty good day. To explain that last bit, I am a huge F1 fan and for British F1 Fans, Lewis Hamilton is pretty much our God – yes Jenson Button is doing better then him at the moment but he’s an ass (and until his car had been revamped, a complete loser). Last Sunday was the Australian Grand Prix in which Hamilton worked his way from 18th place to 4th and was later given 3rd as another driver had overtaken him when the safety car was out on the track (something you’re not allowed to do). Well turns out today that Hamiltons’ sponsor McLauren, TOLD Hamilton to go so slow the other driver had no other option then to take over – meaning that driver would have a penalty and meaning that Hamilton would be bumped up to 3rd place. It worked to plan, til today when the race officials found out and had Hamilton disqualified from last weekends race. So there’s another example of a God lying to his public. Gutted.

Anyho, not one to leave this on an unhappy note – here’s a video that’s been making me chuckle since last feb and I haven’t even seen the rest of the series!

Peace Out. x

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