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You need a Kick in the Head: Part 1 April 20, 2009

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Interesting day yesterday in which Sod’s Law once again proved that being Bored is much better then something worse happening. I admit I’ve been listless lately – I’ve been limited by my decisions and although it will change later in Summer, for now I am forced to relax which doesn’t always sit well with me. For now I’ll just say that if you are bored with life – and can’t change that right now – be happy that you’re bored and that you haven’t been robbed or arrested for assault. Yep – interesting day!

On a different note I found a great Comic today which I’ve been making my way through – It’s called ‘Kick in the Head’ and is drawn by Derek Lieu and as of tomorrow has hit his 2000th comic strip! 1 Which I’m obviously grateful for as ‘Kick in the Head’ has been cheering me up all day. Personally I’d say go read it all, but if you haven’t got my kinda time – at least take a look – here’s some of the things that have been brought up in the strips that I felt eager to comment on:

kitty Now I’ve never heard of this film before – which is quite sad if the trailer is anything to go by, got quite a few chuckles from me:

kitty Why do we eat cereal with milk? Personally I eat it without milk – but I’d never go so far as to think of adding saying fruit juice or coke instead of milk – weird. Apparently “when cereals were first invented, water was used. To add protein milk was substituted. Since Kellogg started the cereal revolution with their health camp in Battle Creek, it’d be a good guess that’s where it started.” and as for the thought of adding orange juice:

For those that are Lactose intolerent this was quite common til medication was developed to assist in that problem. A good friend of my families has been doing this for like 30 yrs or so since he found out he was intolerent to dairy products. He says he prefers it this way now over using Soy milk and on some cereals its actually pretty good like Granola I think its better then milk but thats just my opinion.

I might try it one day but I usually gussle orange juice so fast it doesn’t last til breakfast – that and I’d have to start eating breakfast.

kitty The joys of being a Final Fantasy Fan: Which is really weird because the same thing basically happened to me 🙂 I love finding things to look forward to and FF never fails to impress – right now it’s the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII which comes at the end of the year. 11

kitty3 2003-10-25

Exactly what life is like at the moment – though I’ve learnt its up to you to make it a good day despite your circumstances.

Obviously I couldn’t comment on everything and quite honestly if I did, it probably wouldn’t be as funny when you went to read it yourself *hint hint*. It is interesting, amusing and quite alot of the time true =P, in the authors’ own words:

The thing most important about my comic to me is that it keeps me creative if for only fifteen minutes a day. I treat is as a way to both keep an archive of things I find amusing and to hopefully entertain people at the same time.

So why is this titled ‘Part One’? Because the things I’ve mentioned are only from the 2003 strips – I know! I have 6 more years to catch up on. As you may have noticed his blog: Derek’s Nerdblog has been added to my favourites – along side the reason I found it – his partner ‘Anna the Red’s Bento Blog. Slightly jealous of this couple’s creativity 40 Alas glad they’re updating us on the web!



50 Ways to Brighten a Day April 17, 2009

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Strange Day – I woke up at 4am and couldn’t sleep for a few hours, luckily that’s the same time it gets light at the moment. I spent the morning rather cheerful and then a strange mood fell over me, it wasn’t boredom and I wasn’t upset or sad – I just couldn’t see the point of anything I was doing. I didn’t like it and don’t know what caused it – perhaps the fact that I’m coming down with Strep Throat again – which is the second time in three weeks (not good – the doctor will probably tell me I have to have my tonsils out, plus the infection is rather risky for the baby 28). I can’t do anything about it though til my appointment on Thursday and I’m not one to stay in a bad mood – not when it’s much more fun to be happy 40

to-teh-rescueI was inspired for this post by 75 Simple Pleasures to brighten your day written by Leo from Zen Habits which is as you should know – one my my favourite blogs and if you haven’t visited him yet I suggest you do! I couldn’t manage 75 – but I did manage 50 ways in which my day gets brighter, it really cheered me up and I’d suggest giving it a go if you ever feel listless. So without much futher ado here is my ’50 Ways to Brighten a Day’:

kitty3 Waking up to Sunshine

2. The  ‘Morning Hug, Morning Kiss’ routine me and my husband do

3. A Cup of Coffee

4. Walking Barefoot – anywhere (Zen Habits specifys in grass, but the beach – to Tescos, in the garden, around home, whilst driving all do it for me)

kitty3 The zingy taste of Grapefruit for Breakfast

6. Learning something new and interesting: Try this -Wikipedia’s Random Function

7. My cats when they chirp

8. Dusk (which happens to be my favourite time of day)

9. Any time it rains, walking in the rain, getting wet

kitty3 Singing as loud as I can

11. Dancing around the room

12. Eating red and blue cola bottles. thumb_pink_blue_bottles

13. Hugs from anyone


14. Seeing my belly grow

kitty3 Having a philosophical conversation especially on Descartes Mediation 3

16. Drinking Cream Soda

17. Watching a great film – My favourite:

”    Nana, Live Action. A Little Princess (1996), Amelia, Anna and the King (1999), Cruel Intentions, Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, Groundhog Day, Hairspray, Howl’s Moving Castle, Lost in Translation, Memoirs of a Geisha, Moulin Rouge, Mulan, Only Yesterday, Practical Magic (1999), Prime, P.S.I Love You, Tank Girl, The Craft, The Terminal, Treasure Planet”

18. Cleaning my room/being in a clean room

19. Not being Ill

kitty3 Taking a long shower

21. Making someone smile

22. Looking at the Stars

23. Going swimming

24. Listening to someone mowing their lawn (it reminds me of Summer)

kitty3 Getting a massage

26. Talking about the future

27. Watching a funny video

28. Blowing bubbles

29. Spending time on a trampoline

kitty3 Making a list and completing it

31. Writing a good blog entry

32. Getting to a new level in Pet Society

33. Fresh Air

34. Sex

kitty3 Making a new friend

36. Watching the F1

It’s the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend! The Qualifier starts at 6am here and it’s going to be exciting – this is the first week since the FIA decided the ‘diffusers’  which have been making Brawns unstoppable are legal and so it’s time for Hamilton to prove that Button is only winning because of his car 🙂 Read more I can’t wait.

37. Giving to Charity/Buying a Big Issue

38. Listening to my ‘Happy Playlist’

39. Having Fresh Flowers in the room

kitty3 Finding a new picture on deviantART that I love 🙂

41. Eating Oreos and Drinking Milk

42. Hearing Him say ‘I Love You’

43. Seeing a Rainbow

44. Reading a Fairytale

kitty3 Taking some time out to daydream

46. An update on Ding!, Least I could do, Headtrip or Dominic Deegan.


47. Reading Blog updates from my favourites list and making a great find – i.e. Anna the Red’s Domo-kun marshmallow entry.


48. Finding a new site for my bookmarks – i.e. Obento! on Flickr

49. Browsing and finding something gorgeous ❤


kitty3 Falling Asleep


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Blog Update April 14, 2009

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MintChip Monkey has been moved and can be found at – however within about 2 hours I caused an internal server error – so it’s not actually up and running at the moment… Yeh Yeh.

I’ve decided to stick with the same theme – I like the colours plus if I did anything right now – I’m pretty sure it would look rubbish. However I have managed to add the html elements that I wanted to the blog which is the main reason for the move. So as soon as this error gets sorted – we should be back up and running 😉

I have a whole bunch of new Links which I’ll do a dedi page for, but here’s a quick summary:
onigiri_fruit1BoingBoing – In it’s own words a directory of Wonderful Things, it’s an online magazine which blogs about random and strange things – a recent entry which I loved was ‘How to make adorable edible Totoro cream puffs’.
Totoro Cream Puff

onigiri_fruit1The ‘National Geographic’ Website which is always updating you on interesting things about the planet – such as, did you know that conservationists have discovered more then 2,000 new orangutans?

“It may seem hard to miss hundreds of fiery-orange apes—unless they live hidden in 2 million acres (809,371 hectares) of Borneo‘s rugged mountain forests. Combing through the island’s East Kalimantan Province—part of Borneo’s Indonesian sector—last December, conservationists discovered 219 orangutan nests.”

How cool is that? It means that 5% has been added to the current orangutan population and they are not as endangered as we thought =P But I always love it when a new discovery comes around – I wonder what will be found next? =P

onigiri_fruit1All Things Kawaii Blog

“The All Things Kawaii blog aims to showcase some of the kawaii, or cute, things on the web, including web sites, images, communities, companies, and more. This blog was created and is maintained by Valerie Franek, and is updated on a daily basis.”

onigiri_fruit1Zen Habits – A brilliant philosophical and self-help blog with loads of tips about how to enjoy life, live to the fullest, get motivated, find your dream job – etc: Very inspirational to read 🙂
onigiri_fruit1Danny Choo’s Portal to Japan: “…visit this site for the exclusive figure coverage direct from the manufacturers, photos and guides on living in Japan, Japanese subculture and the occasional stormtrooper dancing around in Tokyo.”

All that and a total of 13 blogs Which will all be able to be found on my links list as well as a dedi page 🙂

As for a daily update, I had to push a car up a hill on Tuesday! About two minutes from our house our car ran out of petrol – it was up to the non-driver (me) to push whilst Mr steered and braked us into a parking spot so we could run down and get some petrol. I found the whole thing pretty funny especially since I’ve been wondering the pass few days what would happen if the car would run out of petrol.

Anyho, Cya Soon! x


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